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{ Happy Birthday Kitty Key ♡} ~


I don’t want to appear I’m a crazy fangirl but I really want to say I love this man.


He’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. He’s graceful, funny, high class, handsome, talented and kind-hearted. He has an amazing humor sense and a beautiful smile. Even his odd laugh makes me smile.

And I can say it’s not an character “on stage”, that’s his true self.

I remember -when SHINee came to my country- while they were singing Jojo, I was totally crazy because I was virtually attached to the border of the scenery so I started screaming out “Key! Key! Key! I love you!”. I didn’t expect him to turn around, wave his beautiful hand and smile for me.

I cried about two songs after Jojo.

That was the best day of my day and I know there some other Shawols -Lockets- who had feel the same way as me. Some people say the idols are one thing on stage and another one off stage. I put my hands in the fire for Kibum and I say his beautiful personality it’s the same on and off stage.

For that special and -maybe someone will think- stupid reason, I love Kim Kibum. Besides his powerful wish that all SHINee’s fans believe and love themselves as they love the group.

He’s my bias, he’s my number one boy, he’s my King Of Freaks.

Happy birthday, Kim Kibum!


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