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괴도 (Danger).


Key & Summer Hoilday . 

There were dreams and goals that I had in my mind from the day I dreamt of becoming an artist. Although I had to go through many obstacles, I learned I should always believe in myself. Strong faith has been the motivation of energy that keeps me going. As my effort for the dreams has made me become who I am today, I will continue to strive for higher goals with faith. 

Lee Taemin - ACE

SHINee’s support messages to Taemin

onew: Our maknae Taemin~!! You are alone but I expect Taem to endure with perseverance ~ !!

jonghyun: Taemin had gone through hardships, but I think he will get credit for making such outstanding stage performance. Taemin, what do I need to say ~ Fighting !!

key: Congrats for the Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’ ~ !! During Taemin’s preparation for the album, I had given him many advices and I believe in Taemin so he will do good.As a brother, I am so happy for you ! Fighting ~!!

minho: The album that had been prepared for a long time is coming out, I know it is your first solo album so you are nervous and worried, but don’t take it as a burden and I hope and believe that you will do well.The outcome is important, but I want you to consider the process as important too. Fighting ~ !!

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